Top Tips to get your self Valentines Day ready!!!

  1. Oral hygiene
It might go without saying, but no one wants a kiss from someone with poor hygiene. Brushing twice and flossing is recommended 
  1. Banish bad breath
We all get bad breath from time to time, so best avoid Garlic bread and coffee before the big date! also keep some floss and mouth wash with you!
3.Drinking water
Not only does staying hydrated give your skin a healthy glow but it can also keep your breath fresh!
4. Upgrade your smile
Nothing’s more romantic than a clean, bright and fresh smile!

All you need to know about Root Canals!

So many patients get super nervous when we mention root canals, they all tell us about the horror stories their friends and family talk about but the truth is Root Canal Therapy has come along way since those horror stories and is often a painless procedure!

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